How is the weekend structured for schedule and content delivery?

We believe that students learn best through a combination of lecture and small group interaction. In the student level sessions, there will be a variety of speakers, interaction with other students, and time for self-reflection.

I know that 3SLI is designed for senior high students, but can middle school and/or college students attend?

Middle School students will be permitted to attend only if they are highly recommended by their pastor. The training is intense and requires a high level of maturity and focus. We feel that it is best for students to wait until at least their freshman year in high school to begin attending 3SLI.

Students who began the 3SLi training in high school may return to complete the three-year track when they are in college. However, students may NOT begin with the first level of 3SLI once they have started college.

Is our church required to send chaperones/adult leaders with our students?

We ask that you send one adult chaperone with every 4-5 students. However, if it is not possible to send an adult chaperone please send us a message and we will do our best to arrange a solution.

Is it true that the Church of God colleges/universities will give scholarships to students who complete 3SLI?

In October of 2008, all Church of God schools adopted an identical policy regarding scholarships for SLI’s. For complete information about these scholarships, contact the admissions department at your school of choice. Links to these schools are available on this website!

If I don’t attend a Church of God, can I still attend 3SLI?

Absolutely! 3SLi is sponsored by the Church of God (Anderson, IN) but not limited to COG churches. The main focus for this weekend is to train students in Christian leadership.

What if I have questions about the Oklahoma 3SLi?

Please contact Alex Mobley at 918-824-0059 or